United Warrior Survivor Foundation

I support the United Warrior Survivor Foundation (UWSF), the only organization that is exclusively dedicated to helping the spouses of fallen Special Operations personnel of the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. Special operations personnel often perform the most dangerous missions and receive very little public praise due to the secrecy of their deployment. These elite units of our armed forces are the vanguard of our counter terrorism efforts around the world. In order to successfully perform their duties Special Operations personnel often have to keep their locations and missions, completely secret from their spouses and families. This necessity creates an even more difficult and tense situation at home for the spouse of a Special Operations member, who often has no idea where their loved one is located .


The UWSF was created to deal with the needs of the families of fallen Special Operations personnel. Currently the UWSF supports more than 150 widows and their families by offering various financial, spiritual and grief counseling services. An example of the great work this organization provides is the Bi-annual Survivor Conference that allow for widows to come together, create a lasting bond of friendship and help one another through the difficult grieving process. Furthermore, the UWSF offers education grants, helping spouses reach their goal of attending college or helping them learn new skills through career re-training courses.


Clearly this is a group I’m passionate about and support. If you would like to contribute, please visit the United Warrior Survivor Foundation website.

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