CIA Officers Memorial Foundation

The CIA Officers Memorial Foundation was created by a group of Americans who found it their responsibility to aid and assist the survivors and dependents of CIA officers lost in the line of duty. These survivors deserve the support of every American because of the high price they have paid to ensure this nation’s freedom and security.

In 2001 Richard Helms a former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and a few former officers decided to honor Mike Spann the first American killed in the covert war in response to September 11th, as well as the 78 fellow CIA officers killed throughout the Agency’s history. The mission of the Foundation is to provide educational support for the children of fallen CIA officers, their spouses and the loved ones of CIA officers deceased in the line of duty as a result of accident, illness or other causes.

Please visit the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation website to learn more and to support the foundation in its valiant mission.

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